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Mary Ann Winders - Library Media Specialist

B-I-N-G-O (NTI work for all Specials): Select ONE square on your Specials Bingo page from your Rocket Way NTI packet to complete each day. Choose a square from the specials class you would have had that day. Have fun, be creative, and feel free to share what you chose with your specials teacher of the day! Specials teachers are posting some ideas, read alouds, links to videos, etc. just for fun. However, these are completely optional. The Bingo page is your only assignment for Specials during our NTI days.



Students that are finished with their library books may return them with the school staff delivering/handing out meals each week. Parents may also put them in the return book cart in the CCES lobby when dropping off/picking up NTI work. As books come in, I will quarantine them at least 24 hours, clean them, check them in, and have them on the shelves and ready for our students when they return to school. 



As we are spending most of our time at home now, don't forget to make READING a part of each day! Studies have shown that reading at least 20 minutes each day can have a huge impact on a child's achievement!

***Take advantage of all the websites providing FREE access to online books at this time.

***Be a good model and let your children see YOU reading for fun. You are their biggest influence!!