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Parent Portal


Dear Parents/Guardians,

We are happy to be able to offer you the chance to follow your child's education process through a secure website.  Infinite Campus Parent Portal allows you to view information about your child's grades and attendance.  To gain access to Parent Portal please follow the steps below.  

Step 1 - Obtain your activation key - In order to get your activation key you must print and sign the Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy ( Attached at bottom of this page or available at Central Office)  Once you have signed your Acceptable Use Policy you will need to return it to Al Starnes or Vanessa Shewcraft at Crittenden County Central Office (270-965-3525)  you will then be given your activation key.

Step 2 - Accessing Parent Portal - On a computer with Internet Access go to  Once the page loads click "Infinite Campus" in the left menu, from here click "Parent Portal"  located in the main screen.  You can also access Parent portal directly by typing the following address

Step 3 - Activating your account - On the Parent Portal home screen click the orange "Help" button in the lower right portion of the screen, then follow the link that says "If you have been assigned a Campus Portal Activation Key, Click here"  On the next page you will be prompted for the 32 character activation key that you received from the Central Office.  Once you have entered your activation key it is no longer valid, this is for the safety of your child's information.  

Step 4 - Creating a Username/Password - Once your activation key has been entered and verified you will be prompted to create a username/password.  Your username can be anything that you choose however it is best practice to use an alphanumeric username.  Example: jdoe3 Passwords must must be alphanumeric and contain at a 6 characters.  Your password will have to be entered twice to verify that they match.  Once you have created a username/password click the "Create Account" button.  You will then be directed back the the Parent Portal home page where you can log in with your newly created username/password.  

Once you have successfully created your Username/Password you will be able to log in on the Parent Portal homepage.  If you have trouble accessing your account or need your password reset please contact Al Starnes or Vanessa Shewcraft at 270-965-3525


Parent Portal Acceptable Use Policy

Parent Portal User Guide